Doomed To Repeat It: Biden Learns History Lesson The Hard Way

Elise Stefanik, a Republican from New York, had much to say about the fall of Afghanistan’s government that happened on Sunday morning. She started by likening Biden’s failure to one of the largest failures in America’s military history: when America pulled out of South Vietnam back in 1975, giving Saigon to the communist guerilla forces.

Stefanik made her accusations on twitter, saying that this is his Saigon in response to the fall of the US embassy in the Capital of Afghanistan amin a complete Taliban takeover.

It a huge failure and embarrassment nationally and internationally and will not be forgotten. And what’s Biden up to right now? He’s on vacation. He’s on a retreat at Camp David for five days.

Trump had previously agreed to remove troops from Afghanistan on May 1st of this year, but only if the Taliban agreed not to come after United States troops and if they would cut their tires with international terrorist groups like al-Qaeda.

Biden extended the war by four more months in April, stating that the new date for withdrawal would be on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, 2001. He then, once again, changed the date to the 31st of August.

Biden just sent 5,000 more troops over to Afghanistan this past weekend, which means he will likely not meet his deadline.

Biden said that he is the further President to be involved in America’s military presence in Afghanistan, and that he refuses to pass the war onto a fifth president.

And so, after more than 20 years and more than 2,500 deaths of U.S. soldiers following the Taliban-enabled attack of terrorism on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, leaders of the Taliban are putting an end to the legitimate government in Afghanistan.

They have seized somewhere around 85% of the entire country since May 1, and August. They’ve also gained considerable fire power by seizing U.S Military equipment after the Afghan President fled the country.

Stefanik’s comparison is right on point, comparing Biden to president Ford, who pulled troops out of South Vietnam and allowed the communist forces and the Viet Cong to take over Saigon, which was one of the last strongholds in South Vietnam.

The Vietnam war ended with troop withdrawal, but Vietnam is dominated by communist rule to this day.

Author: Nathan Gordon