Donald Trump Reveals Putin’s Fondness For The “N-Word”

Donald Trump demonstrated his media genius yet again on Monday when he appeared on Fox Business to discuss the ongoing military conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The Former President has made the rounds on various television programs, radio shows, and podcast as of late. He’s made a point to highlight the key differences between his and Biden’s administration especially regarding the harrowing geopolitical blunders Sleepy Joe has plunged us into.

Trump says plainly: “This wouldn’t have happened under my administration,” and he’s 100% correct. For over four years, Putin staved off his desire to occupy Ukraine based on the broken promises given to him by NATO in the late 90s because he knew the swift retaliatory action Trump would be forced to take.

Putin is simply an opportunist by taking full advantage of Joe Biden’s weakness and the softening of our military due to constant injections of leftism.

During his phone interview on Tuesday, Trump brilliantly summed up multiple private conversations he’s had with Vladimir Putin. The Former President claimed Putin often used the “N-word” during their talks. This of course a media savvy tactic on Trump’s part to rouse attention — and it’s brilliant.

Of course Trump didn’t mean Putin used the “N-word” as we may know it with its racial overtones.

The “N-word” Trump was referring to is “nuclear,” which was apparently a common topic during their negotiations. .

“But I listened to him constantly using the N-word,” Trump said. “That’s the N-word. And he’s constantly using it, the ‘nuclear’ word. And we never talk, we say, ‘Oh, he’s a nuclear power,’ but we’re a greater nuclear power.”

Trump said if he were still president, he would threaten Putin by sending nuclear submarines to Russia’s coast to pressure Putin’s forces out of Ukraine. He also said he hoped he would never have to use nuclear weapons because “it would be the tragedy of all tragedies.”

Our cognitively deficient president is preparing for a trip to Europe this week to discuss strategy with leaders from bordering countries. Biden’s White House itinerary puts him in Poland by Friday to discuss the “humanitarian crisis” with his Polish counterpart.

The humanitarian crisis he helped to create?

Okay, sure.

Author: Nolan Sheridan