Doctors Start Refusing To Treat Unvaccinated Patients – And It’s Costing One Man His Life

If you ever wondered how far liberals would take their agenda, and whether or not they would do it just to spite conservatives, here’s your answer. One family is speaking out after one member of their family member was denied and removed from the heart transplant list at Boston Hospital because he refuses to get vaccinated against COVID.

David Ferguson says that his son DJ Ferguson, who is merely 31-years-old, has a heart that’s deteriorated and at this point, it’s just not functioning on his one, which is why he needs a heart transplant. Thankfully, for DJ, he was #1 in line to get a heart transplant, or so he thought. It was revealed to them last week that he won’t be eligible anymore because of his status as an unvaccinated person.

Ferguson says his son is at the edge of death but he’s sticking to his guns, however, he feels he’s at his limit. Ferguson says DJ refuses to get the shot because it’s against what he believes in and is against his principles. They continue to force the policy though, so they took him off the list for the transplant.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital later confirmed this in a statement when they said, “Hospital confirmed its decision to remove Ferguson from the list, saying, “Like many other transplant programs in the United States — the COVID-19 vaccine is one of several vaccines and lifestyle behaviors required for transplant candidates in the Mass General Brigham system in order to create both the best chance for a successful operation and also the patient’s survival after transplantation.”

The family is now considering their options to save the life of their loved one, which includes moving him to a different facility. But transfers are dangerous, especially because DJ is already too weak to move at this point. David Ferguson says that even though they are doing their best to pursue all options, they’re short on time.

Dave Ferguson believes his son is fighting courageously to uphold his integrity and principles, and that not receiving the vaccine is his choice.

But the hospital feels differently. They say that transplant patients are at extreme risk because of their compromised immune systems. They say after a transplant the chances of dying from the cold, flu, or covid skyrocket, and because organs are so scarce, they don’t want to give them to people who aren’t likely to survive.

Author: Mark Pierson