Did Biden Just Start WWIII? Experts Say It’s Possible

It’s crazy how every single day Biden does something so outrageous and outlandish that it’s newsworthy, but somehow, he keeps on doing it. In today’s news, Biden just formally approved a motion to have even more troops sent to the Eastern part of Europe.

Officials at the pentagon had a press conference on Wednesday to announce this, which they are saying is their newest way to show force as the White House administration tries to deescalate the tensions that are happening between Russia and Ukraine right now.

The deployments will likely include about 2,000 troops. They will be sent to Poland, while a few more thousand troops will be deployed to NATO countries in the Southeast like Romania. John Kirby, the Pentagon Press secretary confirmed that they will also be sending additional troops to Germany, while around 8,500 troops will stay on high alert, and ready to move at any time. The movement of troops is likely to happen within the next few days if everything goes according to plan.

Kirby also said that the troops will be operating on a bilateral basis with whichever country is hosting them because NATIO hasn’t activated a multinational force yet in response to the increasing tensions in the region.

This comes right on the heels of Bill Hagerty, a Tennessee senator, saying that Russia is sick and tired of all the talk coming from the Biden administration. In an interview recently, Hagerty, who is a Republican, said that Biden needs to realize it’s time for America to demonstrate our resolve. Hagerty said there are plenty of ways for Biden to take action against Russia, and called on Biden to impose sanctions.

As for Russia, they’ve reportedly already deployed more than 100,000 troops at the border in Ukraine, which has prompted defense analysts to warn the world that Russia is apparently ready to risk a war to achieve their political objectives over Ukraine, which is currently a sovereign country.

Whatever the case, tensions are high. White House administrators hope that sending troops into the region will help deescalate Russia by showing them America is standing by NATO and Ukraine.

Author: Rubin Peterson