Despite Raking In Cash By The Millions, This RINO Is Doomed To Fail

Republican Representative, and the nation’s most hated RINO, Liz Cheney, raked in more that $1.88 million in cash for her second quarter. Cheney voted to impeach President Donald Trump after the Capitol riot, and gained the disdain of Americans and politicians alike, all around the nation.

Cheney shared the fundraising figures with Fox News on Tuesday, and says that she outperformer her first quart fundraising collection in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars. This puts her fundraising total sum to nearly $3.5 million. In fact, during her re-election campaign in 2020, Cheney only raise $3 million total. This unbelievable haul comes after she was ousted from the GOP back in May over her continued criticism of President Trump and what she believes are his false election fraud claims.

Cheney already has $2.85 million in cash reserves at her bank, which means she has a significant advantage over the rest of her competitors, whose pools of money are only a fraction of Cheney’s.

Even though she broke with the Republican party to impeach President Trump after Democrats charged him with the Capitol incident, claiming that he orchestrated it to prevent Joe Biden from being certified as President, Cheney isn’t struggling in any of her fundraising efforts.

Back in February, Liz Cheney defeated an initiate that started internally in the GOP party by Trump-sympathetic House members who tried to remove her as leadership chair in the House Republican conference. The coalition’s movement to remove her didn’t stop, and eventually gains so much momentum that she was demoted to the #3 ranked post in the chamber all the way back in May. Elise Stefanik took her place in the House Republican conference.

However, Cheney somehow still managed to raise more funding that Sefanik, who brought in a mere $1.5 million over the last few months, at least according to Politico.

Back in May, Cheney issued a speech that called her GOP colleagues to put the allegations to bed that the election was corrupt and false. She said that it was their duty as lawmakers to speak the truth, and the election was not stolen and that America’s systems have not failed.

Despite her fundraising efforts, one thing is for sure, if Trump decides Cheney is through it is only a matter of time before she’s out of the ball game.

Author: Maddie Siegel