DeSantis Writes Blistering Letter To Biden

Florida’s GOP Governor Ron DeSantis issued a blistering letter to the Biden administration on Thursday slamming them for steadfastly pursuing “reckless immigration policies.” DeSantis demanded an “immediate” end to the stream of illegal immigrants that are pouring into his state.

DeSantis, unable to make headway with the tone-deaf federal administration, offered another solution. Rather than dumping illegals in his state, the Biden administration should redirect them to states which support Biden’s “flouting of our immigration laws.”

DeSantis’ five page letter explains how the Floridan law enforcement apparatus is working tirelessly to keep their streets safe while the Department of Homeland Security is forced to release unprecedented numbers of aliens into his and neighboring states. He demanded that the Biden administration halt all DHS “resettlement” into his state.

The letter added that Florida is welcoming of immigrants who arrive legally and promote the interests of both the American and Floridan people, but rejected the Biden administration’s “lawlessness” in bringing countless waves of undocumented illegal aliens into the United States.

In a statement regarding his own letter, DeSantis pointed out how the immigration crisis began with the inauguration of both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, and criticized the administration for it’s indifference to the total undermining of hardworking American citizens socioeconomic wellbeing.

DeSantis noted that he’s witnessed firsthand how the Biden administration’s policies sow “chaos.” He also attacked Biden over the issue of having to pull his own law enforcement and national guard resources to combat the tide of immigrants, resources better spent on disaster relief or keeping Florida’s streets safe.

Illegal immigrant activity at the border is the worst seen in over 20 years, with well over a million immigrants reaching the U.S. border by June of this year, and the month-by-month figures climbing exponentially.

DeSantis also requested in the letter that the DHS start supplying Florida’s Department of Law Enforcement with information regarding the number of resettled immigrants by the end of September. Florida hopes to learn of the number of resettled aliens, the destination and names of such aliens, the number with positive COVID-19 tests, the criminal records of such aliens, and the number who failed to arrive at their removal proceedings.

While DeSantis claims that he suffers “no illusion,” about Biden’s likelihood of adjusting course, he felt the need to emphasized how southern states such as his are suffering the brunt of Biden’s unlawful policies.

Author: Krista Bishop