DeSantis Welcomes Banished Cops To Florida’s Growing Fold

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is welcoming police officers besmirched in their home states to move to Florida for work, where he says that they will experience a much better work culture.

During a speech at Green Cove Springs, Florida, DeSantis remarked on Monday that cops who have the opportunity to work in law enforcement for “Florida vs. some of these other jurisdictions” would be “much better off in Florida,” promising that the state will “actually stand by law enforcement.”

Florida Politics reports that the decision to work as a cop in Florida versus elsewhere is a no-brainer because of how the “culture is better.”

DeSantis added that Florida cops have the assurance that they will be “supported… resolutely,” and told the audience to “make no mistake,” about the recent crime spikes in many major cities, stating that the reason is a failure of support for law enforcement, as well as “weak policies” and a failure to prosecute individuals who are repeat offenders. “Clearly,” DeSantis remarked, this has resulted in “disastrous consequences.”

Carmine Marceno, the Lee County Sherriff, told news outlets that he has already started to receive inquiries for employment from cops across the country.

“Officers in New York… different places, [asking] if we have any openings,” said Marceno. He explains that many officers want to transfer to Florida because nobody would rather “work where they’re not supported.” He added though that while the police force has some vacancies available, they will not fill the spot with just anybody. “We’re looking for the right people… not going to lower the bar.”

Corporal Phil Mullen from the Cape Coral PD explained to reporters that the waiting list for openings in his department is extensive. “We have a waiting list” he explains, adding that the process of hiring and vetting is “constant.”

Lieutenant Jason Pate of the Fort Myers PD told reporters that the department has a program to assist officers with both relocation and academy training.

While DeSantis acknowledged that current payrates for law enforcement in Florida are “not great,” he pointed out that the state recently made efforts to “increase that” and said that efforts have also been taking place at “the municipal and county level.”

Author: Viola Bowers