DeSantis Stands Up To Woke Corporate Power — Disney Is Officially Over

We’re hard-pressed to come up with a politician another politician in modern history other than Ron DeSantis who’s utilized his power as an elected official to hold bad leftist actors accountable for their horrific worldview and destructive policies.

The Republican Governor of Florida is on a major winning streak as of late.

One after the other, he’s taking down massive woke corporations who dare to disseminate their insidious leftism across the state of Florida.

On Wednesday, his winning streak reached its peak after the Republican-majority Florida legislature passed a bill stripping Disney of its self-governing status. This move comes after DeSantis announced a prolonging of a special legislative session to consider Disney’s privileged status in Florida after they so openly supported the sexual grooming of children.

In a 23-16 vote, Florida’s Senate passed the legislation that would dismantle the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which allows Disney to oversee its own zoning, infrastructure, laws, and policing.

“Special districts could in some instances show favoritism,” the governor’s office said in a statement.

 “Should a corporation be serving as a regulator and a business at the same time? Should a corporation get to avoid standard environmental permitting processes? Should a corporation engage in eminent domain? Other businesses don’t get these privileges.”

The feud between DeSantis and Disney began in early April after executives at the pro-groomer corporation denounced the Desantis’ Parental Rights in Education Act, dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by opponents and the “Anti-Groomer Bill” by those willing to tell the truth.

The Reedy Creek proposal has drawn opposition from state Democrats, who expressed concerns the move is politically motivated.

The bill, if passed, would not only repeal the special status of the Reedy Creek district but would also remove privileges from six other special districts in the state that are deemed unconstitutional because they were established before Florida’s constitution was ratified in 1968. Those districts could return to the legislature to appeal the decision if the bill is signed into law.

The legislation passed the Senate on Wednesday and now heads to the House, also led by Republicans, for consideration.

Remember when the left was a major force against corporate America? Now, liberals ARE corporate America!

Funny how that happens…

Author: Vasily Ivanov