DeSantis Sends Protesters An Unforgettable Threat

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis powerfully spoke against violent protests on Thursday, telling BLM and Antifa to stay away from Florida or face severe consequences.

DeSantis recently unveiled his “fund the police” plan which offers a $1000 bonus for first responders.

While the governor made it clear that peaceful protests are fully supported, violent protests such as the ones ravishing Portland and Seattle are to be dealt with harshly. He said that the National Guard would be mobilized immediately following reports of a protest becoming violent.

DeSantis has been aggressively proving his mettle as a competent and capable leader who puts the interests of his state and his constituents first and foremost. There is a good reason why buzz about DeSantis has been going around, with suggestions for him as a potential VP pick for Trump or even a bid at President should Trump decline to run in 2024.

Author: Darrel Manning

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