DeSantis Mocks ‘Weak’ Democrats With His Latest Must-See Merchandise

Of all the Republicans out there, there is none more feared by Democrats, excluding former President, Donald Trump, than Ron DeSantis. Why? Because the man is powerful, direct, intelligent, and absolutely hilarious. He’s a home-run when it comes to politicians, and it’s not just the people of Florida who love him. It’s the entire conservative party. He walks hand-in-hand with Trump, who was perhaps the greatest President of The United States in the history of our great nation.

Not only that, but he’s constantly coming up with plans for America that solve all the problems the Democrats have created during their time in power. And he’s always got a zinger or two to humiliate them and their ridiculous policies along the way.

Well, he’s just come up with something new, and it’s bound to be a ‘hit’ in the conservative world. The Republican Governor of Florida is adding a new line of merchandise to his campaign website, which is already a major source of traffic for the politician. But what he just added is bound to get him some more clicks, money, and cause a major siter with Leftists and their allies. DeSantis just added a new set of golf balls with his name on it. Boy, does he have a ‘pair’ of them, if you know what we mean.

The new addition to his already-popular line also includes T-shirts that say, ‘Don’t Fauci on my Florida’ and koozies that say ‘How am I supposed to drink beer with a mask on?’ Now, his new golf balls will have the phrasing ‘ ‘Democrats are weak, but not in Florida’ and for their packs of two golf balls they will say ‘The Governor of Florida has a pair.’

The truth is, that Biden and his clown car of an administration are always trying to pain Governor DeSantis as public enemy #1 when it comes to the upcoming election cycle in 2022. DeSantis just recently opened his campaign for re-election last week and says that he has only just begun his fight to keep the people and state of Florida free from Democrat tyranny. He sure does have a pair.

Author: Elizabeth Ingram