DeSantis Makes Biden Pay For His Crimes Against Americans

Ron DeSantis, The Republican Governor of Florida, made an announcement on Thursday that he had secured enough doses of this lifesaving COVID treatment, even though Biden and his administration have tried to take control of distributing the treatment to reduce Florida’s supply of the antibody drug.

DeSantis posted a public video on Thursday to announce his move, declaring that he had secured additional doses of the monoclonal treatments and to specifically counteract Biden’s reduction of supply to Florida. Biden and his administration had previously announced that they’d start rationing the treatment supply, especially to southern states and particularly to Florida.

The hospitals and other COVID care providers would not be able to order the antibody therapy from distributors anymore, a memo for DPHHS said. Instead of letting states determine their need, the American government would ship the drugs to each territory and state based on how much quantity they determined each state needs. They would then give the power to the state departments of health to distribute the therapies as they please.

The government claimed that it would help deal with shortages across the United States, but as Marco Rubio, a Senator from Florida pointed out, there are no signs of a treatment shortage across the U.S. This seems to be more of a payback from the Biden Administration for his hatred of Red States, and particularly Ron DeSantis.

In fact, a study completed earlier this month showed that the lifesaving treatment has been underutilized. Biden and his white house have received intense criticism for not promoting the treatment more.

While the treatment isn’t a good substitute for vaccinations, it has prevented hospitalization in thousands of people, including those suffering from breakthrough cases. This is more than likely a partisan payback schemed up by the Biden Administration to punish those he doesn’t agree with.

Regeneron is the company that’s mostly providing this lifesaving treatment and has teamed up with the government to try and get the treatment to Americans for free. Unfortunately, as of right now, it’s getting to less than 30% of patients that are eligible. That’s up from 5% in July though, so progress is being made.

Once again, Biden continues to fail the Americans on every level.

Author: Bob Hart