DeSantis Makes America Great Again — And Liberals Are Losing it

Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, just signed a new bill this week into law, taking aim at political indoctrination from left-win extremists in collages. DeSantis is requiring that universities and collages conduct yearly assessments to determine the diversity of viewpoints and intellectual freedoms on their campuses.

House Bill 233 was signed into law this last Tuesday, and has one goal: to ensure that Students at these colleges will be subject to a myriad of opinions and ideas, including ideas they might disagree with or be uncomfortable hearing.

The bill basically requires the board of education in the state to use statistically valid surveys to find competing ideas to present to students, staff and faculty. And that everyone must be allowed to express their unique beliefs in the classroom and on campus. They must assess this each year and publish the assessments on September 1.

DeSantis said that the reason for this new law is the lack of diversity on university campuses. That they used to be a place where people came together with lots of different ideas. But now, anyone who speaks up in opposition is shunned or even oppressed. DeSantis believes that Florida must have a contest of ideas on university campuses.

DeSantis also said many parents are worried about their children enrolling in postsecondary school. They fear they won’t be subject to anything but liberal ideas. DeSantis says it’s not worth the tax dollars to support ‘hotbeds for stale ideology.’

Just two weeks earlier, DeSantis took action against Critical Race Theory as well as the 1619 curriculum in schools. DeSantis says he refuses to have curriculum in schools that judge children based on race and false history, like the 1619 project.

The left, of course, is in a complete and total panic that someone is finally willing to push back against their far-left indoctrination. Joy Reid, an MSNBC far-left propagandist, tried to say DeSantis was turning Florida into Communist China. Which is pretty hilarious, considering DeSantis just signed another bill into law that requires that children are taught how evil communism is.

The truth of the matter is, the left can’t handle someone like DeSantis. They can’t stand the fact that he’s willing to push against their agenda, that he isn’t afraid of them, that’s he’s going to make America great again.

Author: Shelly Jensen