DeSantis Lays Siege On The CDC — And He Just Might Bring Them Down

Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, made an announcement Thursday that the state would be going for the CDC with a lawsuit. Why? Because the CDC continues to push it’s tyrannical ways on Americans, and won’t allow cruise ships to leave ports.

Florida is ready to fight back, DeSantis says. DeSantis and other legislators don’t believe that the government should be allowed to halt an entire industry without sufficient evidence. DeSantis also said he is optimistic about their ability to win this case.

But The CDC isn’t the only person DeSantis is suing. Biden and HHS (Health and Human Services) are under the gun for their actions as well. Even though the rest of the US is opening back up, cruise ships have been docked since early 2020, and there’s no end in sight.

Additionally, there’s mounting evidence that cruising can be safe and fun for everyone. Royal Caribbean catered to over 100,000 cruisers since the beginning of the pandemic and only had 10 confirmed COVID cases.

With more and more Americans getting vaccinated, it’s time for Biden and these other agencies to lift the ridiculous bans on cruises.

Author: Jackie Lambert

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