DeSantis Gives Biden a Big Dose Of His Own Medicine

This week, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis threatened to send illegal immigrants to Democrat President Biden’s home state of Delaware by bus if the administration refused to cease the “clandestine” nighttime flights bringing migrants into the sunshine state by dark.

During a Wednesday press conference, DeSantis warned that he would “provide buses… send them to Delaware.”

The tough talk came at the tail end of a lengthy polemic directed at the president for the mishandling of the ongoing immigration crisis that’s ravaged the U.S.-Mexico border since the beginning of Biden’s term. DeSantis highlighted the Biden administration’s secretive process that is used to deploy illegal immigrants across the country (though notable not near Capitol Hill) that’s already brought 70 flights full of aliens to his state alone.

On one of Biden’s alien flights was the illegal immigrant who murdered a Floridian father of four just earlier this week.

DeSantis complained that the Biden administration furnished no notice that the immigrants would be dropped into the state. DeSantis also expressed frustration with the fact that the Florida government “[has] no say into it.” He added that whenever he is notified ahead of a drop-off, it’s not an official memo but a leaked tip from officials in the federal government.

DeSantis argued that since the president is clearly unwilling to secure the border of the United States that he should open up his own home state to house the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants he’s responsible for rather than shipping them elsewhere in the country. DeSantis promised that the state of Florida was going to do “everything” possible to ensure that immigrants arrive in Delaware so that Biden can get a taste of his own medicine.

The Florida governor also took up issue with a separate but related problem where amid skyrocketing inflation for Americans, the Biden administration is seeking to hand out nearly half-million dollar payments to illegal immigrant families that got separated at the border during the previous administration.

DeSantis argued that it’s ridiculous to pay reparations to individuals who are only involved with the U.S. because they came to break the law. As Biden will have it, because of their misdeed, American taxpayers and citizens will have to foot the bill for more borrowed federal cash, resulting in higher prices on common goods and services, and tougher taxes.

Author: Rebecca King