DeSantis Comes Up With The Perfect Punishment For Biden’s Border Nightmare

Desperate Democrats are constantly doing everything they can to protect their President, and keep up the false narrative that he’s doing a great job as President. But one Governor, Ron DeSantis, won’t let them get away with it, and is willing to do whatever it takes to force Democrats to face their failures. And he has a genius-level plan to deal with Biden’s failure at the southern border. He said on Wednesday, that all illegal immigrants would be headed to Deleware if Biden didn’t figure out what to do at the U.S.-Mexico border.

DeSantis said this while responding to a reporter’s question about Biden’s secret immigrant flight that he sent to Florida after acquiring people near the border to the south. Jen Psaki has said previously that it shouldn’t be a surprise that Biden is sending migrants to New York and Florida.

DeSantis says that if they keep sending immigrants to his state, he will gather a bunch of buses and send them straight to Delaware. He says if Biden isn’t going to secure the border, then he can have all the immigrants on his doorstep.

DeSantis already released an executive order back in September that prevents agencies in Florida from assisting Biden and his administration in the transportation of illegal immigrants. DeSantis is also suiting Biden’s administration for their program of ‘catch and release.’

DeSantis says Biden’s crisis is intentional, and based on an ideology of open borders. He says Biden isn’t following the laws regarding immigration in our country, and that the states are bearing the brunt of all of his failures. DeSantis said he is doing everything possible to fill the void of Biden’s leadership and to protect the people who reside in his state.

He says that he would be delighted if the federal government was doing its job and using their resources to enforce are sacred federal laws, but since that isn’t happening right now, the state will step up to mitigate the devastating impact of the border crisis caused by Biden.

He says if that requires him to send illegals to Delaware, or to send them right to Martha’s Vineyard, then that’s what he’ll do. He says he’s sure Biden won’t object, since he is such a strong proponent of open border policies.

Author: Jenny Jessup