Democrats Would Rather Let Expectant Mothers Die Than Change Their Policies

Pregnancy should be a time of celebration in every new mother’s life, but thanks to Biden, too many mothers are gripped with fear right now, wondering where and how to bring their baby into the world. Why? Because Biden’s policies are forcing hospitals to close their centers.

In New York this week, one of their hospitals is putting all newborn deliveries on hold. Not because there’s any real disaster or emergency shut down, but because they don’t have any workers. The reason for their short-staffed woes is because so many employees from their maternity unit have resigned in light of Biden’s new COVID vaccine mandate, at least according to reports coming out of the area.

The General Hospital in Upstate New York, Lewis County, is stopping any and all deliveries of babies after the 24th of September. The staff is just refusing to get vaccinated with a vaccine that they don’t trust.

A whopping six employees from the maternity unit in the hospital have chose to terminate their employment with the hospital rather than get the vaccine, and that’s just the beginning. Seven other employees haven’t decided yet whether or not they will resign, reports Gerald Cayer, the CEO or Lewis County Health System, which includes the hospital in question. He said this during a news conference this last Friday.

Cayer says that the hospital is now focusing on pausing baby delivers and focusing on finding nurser who are already vaccinated or who are willing to be vaccinated so that baby deliveries in the hospital can continue.

Since the beginning of the vaccine mandate that started on August 23rd, more than 30 workers have left their jobs at the hospital, and 20 of them held roles that were critical to the hospital like therapist, techs and nurses.

And while the hospital has 464 vaccinated staff, there are still 165 others who are choosing to either not get the vaccine or just haven’t received the vaccine yet.

It’s not just this hospital, either. Rural hospitals all around the nation are trying to figure out how they’re going to make the vaccine mandates work, because you just can’t force people into doing what they don’t want to do. This is America.

Author: Kurt Green