Democrats Watch Helplessly As Florida Turns Completely Red

Once upon a time, Florida was considered to be a battleground state, but the influence that Democrats once had in this Sunshine state is disappearing, and fast. Complication after complications plagues their continued effort to gain any sort of momentum, and their footholds in the state are disappearing in record time for the first time in history.

The democrats are facing a huge variety of issues in the state, like a mile-wide fundraising gap when they are compared to Florida’s GOP. This is exacerbated by the fact that the advantage they once held with voter registration has effectively deteriorated. For example, they went from over 700,000 more voters that were registered in Florida to just 23,000 since 2008 to today.

What’s becoming increasingly clear is that Democrats don’t have the voters or morale to fight a fair fight over a motivated party of Republicans in the sunshine state, especially when led by the GOP’s very popular governor, Mr. Ron DeSantis.

Speaking of DeSantis, his actions while in office have made it increasingly more difficult for Democrats to reign victorious thanks to his change in rules to voting laws in the state. Voting is more secure than ever, and less prone to fraud or confusion. These is leaving democrats feeling less hopeful, and totally helpless.

Additionally, structural challenges within the Democrat party are causing massive issues. The Republican redistricting as well as DeSantis’s new restrictions on mail-in ballots and drop boxes are making it more and more difficult for Democrats to cheat.

One Democrat official in the state said that he feels like they are set up for failure. He says it’s no ones fault, and that many of their problems have existed for many years, but that their party has been destroyed in the past few elections and that it was especially difficult with the last one. He says he’s not seeing any sense of urgency from other Democrats yet, either.

Democrat strategists have all eyes on the midterms, but the truth is it would take 100% force from the full extent of the Democrat party to take the midterms. And as it stands, it seems they will completely lose their advantage with voter registration by the end of this year, which has never happened in the state of Florida before. More Republicans will be registered in Florida than Democrats for the first time ever. This is the beginning of the end for Democrats in Florida.

Author: Nelson Hicks