Democrats’ War On Free Speech Just Cancelled This Bestselling Author

In a stunning development that will make you feel quite old, it’s been more than 20 years since J.K. Rowling’s first book in the Harry Potter Series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone made its way onto the big screen following the incredibly popular book series. (We hope this doesn’t exacerbate your existential crisis over aging, and that you’re totally fine with it having been 20 years.) But the reason this news might anger you has to do with a celebration by HBO max, which is releasing a retrospective about the film and it’s making, which has been named A Return to Hogwarts.

The reason you should care about this new film is because of the outrageous moves by leftists, who are not including the original author of the books and key advisor on the films, J.K. Rowling. She will not be included in the retrospective at all. Why? Probably because she sent out some tweets that were deemed controversial by the left about biology.

In case you missed her tweets, she responded cheekily to the new leftist phrase about ‘people who menstruate,’ instead of just calling women what they are: women. Leftists think using this phraseology will somehow protect the world of ‘women’ out there who don’t menstruation – aka Trans women, who aren’t really women. J.K. Rowling also saw the ridiculousness of this, and made a tweet about it, which is when everything hit the fan.

Apparently, in this new world of Democrat values, anyone can claim to be a female. Unique aspects of womanhood are now up for grabs from any person who decides they want it. And motherhood? There’s no such thing. Only parenthood is allowed in the new world order. Women aren’t even allowed to have the world menstruation to themselves anymore, which is beyond outlandish.

Rowling has since doubled down on her validity of supporting those who identify at trans, but maintains that she acknowledges the reality of biology, which is apparently too radical for the left. She says that people who are underdeveloped emotionally are running to tattoo parlors around the world to get Harry Potter tattoos covered up. There seems to be some lesson about not basing the entirety of your personality on a book series.

But, because of her ‘radical’ views, J.K. Rowling has been disinvited to a series that would literally cease to exist without her. She is literally the only reason people know the names of Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe. She’s launched hundreds of careers, made many people the Elites of Hollywood all with the cultural monolith that her stories eventually became. She’s also donated millions and millions to charities. Enough to almost lose her status as a billionaire. But now, she’s written a naughty tween so we need to cancel her.

Author: Douglas Patterson