Democrats Used Millions In Taxpayer Dollars To Offer Free Lawyers to Illegals

According to a recent report from the Immigration Reform Law Institute, American taxpayers, without consent or knowledge, are being charged millions of dollars to represent illegal aliens.

The IRLI carefully reviewed expenditures from cities that have implemented deportation defense programs that offer illegal aliens and foreign nationals free legal representation to fight their deportation orders from the U.S.

IRLI’s investigators note that under U.S. law, illegal aliens facing deportation orders don’t get the right to legal representation due to the fact that immigration law is civil in nature, not criminal.

What that means for taxpayers is millions of hard-earned dollars down the hole. For the fiscal year 2022, investigators have estimated that taxpayers from 22 cities that implement deportation defense will cost their citizens a minimum of $5.2 million in free lawyers. Investigators add that the estimate is very low, and doesn’t include smaller localities that have similar deportation defense programs.

Dale Wilcox, the Executive Director of the IRLI said that “These programs are an insult to every law-abiding American citizen and legal resident.” He added that it was “outrageous that “radical anti-borders groups starting these programs and [stick] unknowing citizens with the bill.”

For example, in Philadelphia, city officials admitted to IRLI’s investigators that they don’t offer any oversight for their deportation defense program, even though hundreds of thousands of dollars are used to fund it.

Fort Collins, Colorado similarly passed an ordinance to establish a deportation defense program, worth $150,000 in extra taxes for local residents. The measure was passed despite two council members’ conflict of interest with the La Familia open borders group that offers such legal representation for aliens.

American taxpayers already shoulder an enormous financial burden for illegal immigration. The latest estimate offered by the Federation for American Immigration Reform said that America spends $135 billion every year to handle the costs of managing illegal immigrants, and this figure doesn’t account for lost wages that Americans face thanks to excessive foreign competition in the labor market.

Author: Edward Turner