Democrats Throw Taxpayer Dollars At Criminals

Senate Democrats blocked weekend efforts to prevent stimulus money from reaching imprisoned criminals and illegal immigrants.

The $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill is a poisoned document which primarily funds Democrat wish-list programs. Over the weekend, it was unsuccessfully targeted by Republicans, who proposed many amendments in order to responsibly direct aid at Americans who need it most instead of wasting so much money on enriching Democrat cities and cronies.

The bill was ultimately unchanged by Republican backed amendments and summarily passed 50-49 without a single Republican Senator’s approval.

Democrats specifically rejected the following amendments.

An amendment to prevent stimulus checks from reaching “any individual who is incarcerated in” State or Federal prison, proposed by Bill Cassidy (LA), Tom Cotton (AR), and Ted Cruz (TX). It would have saved $2 billion in taxpayer dollars.

An amendment to prevent illegal immigrants from receiving checks was also shot down.

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