Democrats Sweating As Names Of Epstein-Connected Offenders Are Soon To Be Released

Ghislaine Maxwell, a convicted sex trafficker who worked in cahoots with Jeffrey Epstein, has just put up a white flag when it comes to protecting the identities of eight anonymous people named in a lawsuit that was filed by the accuser, Virginia Giuffre, this is according to documents that were filed with the court last week.

The anonymous people were alleged participants in the sex trafficking schemes of Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell. They will not be at the New York Judge’s mercy as to whether or not the identities of these people will be hidden from public view or revealed.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s legal counsel wrote to inform the Court that Maxwell no longer had any opposition to address the objections for the identity of the anonymous people any further. Maxwell made this known through her lawyer, Laura Menninger, in a later that was sent to Judge Preska on January 12th.

Menninger say that each of the anonymous people have their own counsel who have asserted the privacy rights of their clients, and that Maxwell is now wanting to leave it to the court to decide whether or not to Unseal the Decided Motions.

The lawsuit itself was actually settled back in 2017, but the accuser, Giuffrie, has fought for years to have the documents and individuals unleased and exposed to the public for their role in crimes involving Epstein and Maxwell.

But just because Maxwell is no longer in opposition of the unsealing, doesn’t mean that the names are going to be revealed. But this step is the first of many that will help clear the way for the release of information.

Maxwell was found guilty this past month on several charges related to sex-trafficking in connection with Jeffrey Epstein, her longtime companion.

Giuffrie’s attorney, Sigrid McCawley says that now that Maxwell’s trial is gone, there’s no reason to keep protecting the people who are involved in the operation.

Giuffrie has accused Maxwell and Epstein of forcing her to have sex with high-profile associate. This includes Prince Andrew who is the Duke of York. She has sued the Duke on multiple occasions for taking sexual advantage of her.

Author: Molly Edwards