Democrats Sweating As Millions Gather For Battle In Florida

Americans are fed up, and everyone knows it. But one Florida man is taking his anger to the next level by calling on more than a million MAGA Americans to march for freedom on April 10th.

Wondering how to join? All you have to do is show up in Ft. Lauderdale on the corner of Las Olas and A1A. The march will start at 3pm.

April 10th actually bears quite a significance for the Florida county. It marks exactly one year of tyranny from leftist mobs who enforce mask-wearing against the will of the American people.

The event will include prizes and recognition for activists and leaders who have done their best to endure during these ridiculous times. The key event of the night however, will be a completely legal mask burning ceremony.

One important thing to remember is to bring a sign or flag to make an even bigger statement to leftist militants. Event organizers want them to know they can’t control our lives any longer; we won’t stand for it.

Author: Mary Holmes

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