Democrats Sweating After Poll Confirms Their Worst Fears

The American people are enormously skeptical of the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. While the Supreme Court refused to hear challenges, the majority of voters believe that cheating was responsible for the outcome.

According to Rasmussen Reports, when asked whether it was likely that last year’s presidential election outcome was affected by cheating, Republicans agreed by 74%, Democrats agreed at 30%, and unaffiliated respondents agreed 51%.

Think about that statistic, this means that almost a third of Democrats admit that they think cheating is the reason that Biden won, meaning that they believe Trump might have been the legitimately elected candidate.

The overall statistics reveal that 51% of voters believe that cheating “likely” affected the results, with 35% calling it “very likely.”

Election confidence is at an all time low, in response, Republican state legislators have crafted new election laws to prevent fraud and cheating.

While Democrats claim that election integrity laws are racist, the colored American population supports voter ID laws overwhelmingly.

Rasmussen reports that 63% of “other minority voters” and 56% of blacks believe that laws which prevent cheating are more important than laws which make it easier to vote. Additionally, 58% of “other minority voters” and 59% of blacks reject the idea that voter ID laws are racially discriminatory.

Public perceptions is certainly punching a hole in the Democrats narrative on voting.

Author: Bill Rowe

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