Democrats Start Punishing Cargo Ships That Are Already Stretched To Their Limit

In a twist of stupidity that words can hardly describe, the city of Los Angeles will now fine cargo ships in port that have not unloaded their goods yet, in a desperate attempt to relieve congestion.

The fine is unbelievably pointless and wrong, so of course Democrat President Joe Biden announced his full support of it.

CNBC reports that the White House feels very optimistic that the punishing fines will result in an easing of the current “logjam of cargo ships,” that await unloading at both Long Beach and Los Angeles ports. The two ports account for a full 40% of America’s seaborne imports.

Carriers will be made to pay $100 per container per day that they are trapped in port past a given deadline, starting at the beginning of each month. Containers to be moved by truck will be given nine days before fines kick in and containers unloaded by rail will be given a mere three days.

It’s ridiculous, unethical, and doubling down on the problem to punish carrier vessels for being to unload when it’s the fault of ports emptied out by Democrat policies that are driving the problem.

There are several key drivers behind the congestion. For one, despite everyone seeing the problem coming a mile off, the LA ports have still not been able to acquire enough workers to get up to 24/7 worktime capacity. Another major issue is that California emission standards don’t permit older (but still clean-running) semis to operate in the state, and at a time when they need every truck available to be working on the road. Furthermore, California law AB-5 which prevents gig-workers has stopped independent truckers from entering the state to help, regardless of whether or not they meet the new emissions standards. Furthermore, customs operations at the railheads are completely overwhelmed.

You’ll notice that at no point in the list is there fault by the carriers. Every bit of this problem is the result of an onerous, burdensome, wrongheaded California government policy and it’s taking the entire country down with it.

While GOP leaders such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have offered to ramp up ports in his state, the reality isn’t that simple as the Panama Canal can only support so much traffic, and we’re talking about seriously extending travel time for these carriers who have already traveled from China or farther.

The real kicker is that this is a perfect opportunity where a government could step in a fix the situation, by creating temporary expanded customs facilities, offering incentives for extra dock workers, lifting unhelpful laws like the emission standards and AB-5, and other such steps.

Instead, it’s easier for LA ports to simply slap a fine on the carriers who did not cause the problem, and who have no power to fix the problem. It’s little more than a lazy cash-grab by Big Government, LA elites.

Author: Jeremy Sanders