Democrats Start Placing Spy Devices On Children — You Can’t Make This Up

If you thought Democrats’ COVID tyranny couldn’t get any more intense, think again. In Washington state, a public high school is forcing their school athletes to wear ankle monitors that are funded by the state, all in an effort to track COVID outbreaks or to punish those who aren’t social distancing. Ankle monitors…. Like criminals.

Eatonville High School, which is south of Seattle by about 60 miles, is forcing all the students in high-medium contact sports to wear the ankle monitors. That includes volleyball, basketball, football, soccer and wrestling.

These ‘trace tag’ monitors are being produced by the Triax company. When a student gets too close to someone else, the alarm goes off and lets the wearer know they need to back off. The device is also used to contract trace in case the person wearing it tests positive for Coronavirus at another time. It collects data the entire time it’s worn. It doesn’t have to be worn on the ankle though, it can also go anywhere else on the body, as long as it stays attached.

The monitors are worn by the students and coaches, regardless of whether or not they’ve been vaccinated, according to the school’s fact sheet on the monitors.

That way, if an athlete tests positive for COVID, the entire team could be notified and quarantined. These proximity monitors are able to determine immediately who may or may not have been exposed to the deadly COVID virus.

What happens if a student doesn’t want to be tracked like a criminal? Well, then they aren’t allowed to play any sports. The school also claims the students aren’t being tracked, but no one believes that.

The monitors are apparently radio-based sensors and are used to track distance only between people who are wearing the devises. But it also tracks how much time these students spend close to each other. The school claims the monitors are only to be worn during sports activities, and parents are supposed to sign off on the parental consent form.

However, in typical Democrat fashion, there’s already evidence that some parents aren’t being notified.

Some parents are obviously unhappy with the tracking systems and refuse to sign, while other reluctantly do so to allow their children to play sports. It makes you wonder though, how long will it be before everyone is required to wear these Democrat spy devices?

Author: CaliMae Pearce