Democrats Start Blaming Republicans For The Weather – Yes, You Read That Right

In Northern Virginia, Interstate 95 dealt with what could be labeled the worst traffic jam in the century. Many drivers were stuck on the instated for more than a day thanks to a battering of massive snow storms. Cue the liberals on Twitter, who came in to blame the GOP Governor-elect, Mr. Glenn Youngkin for the weather crisis. But they forgot one key thing – he’s not the governor yet. The man in charge is Ralph Northam, who is a longtime Democrat.

One person, who later deleted her post on twitter, asked sarcastically if the new GOP Governor was even aware that people were stranded on the interstate and that there was no assistance in sight.

Youngkin, however, isn’t even due to be sworn into office until next Saturday, so frankly, he has nothing to do with the crisis.

One liberal journalist even claimed that it was God’s wrath that had caused the snowy interstate backup. Because apparently God is angry that a GOP Governor was elected?

It took a columnist from The Hill to finally rectify the situation. Joe Concha reminded everyone that Ralph Northam, the Democrat Governor was still in charge, and is the only person who could give orders to the Department of Transportation in Virginia. This led to a mass tweet deletion scene, as scolded liberals realized their mistake.

Northam, the actual governor of Virginia, did speak up on Wednesday morning about the incident, and it probably left a lot of Democrats really confused when they saw his face on the news instead of Youngkin’s.

Northam said that DOT employees worked through the night to try and get people out of the dire situation. He said that the sun would be very helpful in their efforts to get citizens off the road, and that they had food and warming shelters up and ready to go.

Of course, President Biden had nothing to say about the matter, and neither did the Pete Buttigieg, the transportation secretary. It seems like a miss opportunity though, as they could have used the incident to push the infrastructure package they’ve been talking about since Ol’ Joe took office.

Still, it’s hilarious that Democrats were so quick to jump to conclusions and blame a natural disaster on politics, when in reality, Youngkin wasn’t even in office yet.

Author: Harold Hansen