Democrats Start Arresting School-Aged Children That Don’t Comply

A girl in Wyoming that is only 16 years old was arrest on Thursday of this week while attending her school at Laramie High School. The reason? She refused to comply with the mask requirement that’s in place on school grounds, according to her and her father. Grace Smith is a junior at the high school. A republican senator from Cheyenne, Anthony Bouchard said that the girl was placed in handcuffs and arrested for trespassing because she was earlier suspended form school grounds because she wouldn’t follow the mask mandate put in place by the school.

The girl recorded a video of herself getting arrested which her father then shared on social media. The video shows that girl interacting with the police, and the officers were polite to her.

She asks them if they are arresting her because she isn’t wearing a mask, but they say they aren’t. They say they are arresting her for violating a trespassing ordinance.

Smith says that she has been faced with 3 different suspension for two days a piece because she refuses to wear a mask, and now she’s received $1000 in fines for trespassing on school grounds and refusing to exit the campus. She says that she has a right to be on the grounds of the school to continue her high school education.

Smith also says she is a student who gets straight A’s, and that she has never broken any laws. She says she isn’t choosing to do anything wrong, and that she can’t believe she was sitting in the back of a police vehicle handcuffed.

The arrest of smith also led to a lockdown at the school to prevent any further academic learning interruptions, according to a statement from the school.

A local paper, the Laramie Boomerang, asked the school how many children had been suspended for refusing to wear a mask and the school refused to comment, saying they don’t address matters of student discipline to the public.

The school district started the mandate on the 8th of September, forcing students to wear their masks in all school buildings and buses.

Smith says she’s been ostracized by the school, parents and even people she thought were her friends. She says she should be out having fun and playing sports instead of fighting for her rights, especially rights that should have been set in place hundreds of years previous.

Author: Kim Smith