Democrats Spent Trillions On 2022 — But It Just Backfired Big Time

A Wednesday Politico report spells bad news for the Democrat President Joe Biden and his party regarding the upcoming 2022 midterm election. As it turns out, a majority of respondents polled by Politico and Morning Consult say they give no credit to Biden or the Democrats for their $300-per-child monthly checks from the government.

Politico’s report detailed how much of a key factor the bonus checks were to the Democrats midterm strategy, and shared the poll results which reveal that a dismal 38% of respondents gave Joe Biden credit for receiving the booster cash. Additionally, about half of voters said that they supported the extra payments, with 35% supporting the idea of making the payments permanent.

It’s surprising to nobody that throwing extra cash around was a candy-handout tactic of the Democratic Party to garner favor with voters. Bloomberg news reported back in July that Democrat leaders were anxious to make sure that voters knew who was responsible for issuing the extra money. Democrats also launched a digital ad campaign that targets key midterm House and Senate races touting promises of extended $300 per child per month payments with middle-class tax cuts.

Jaime Harrison, Chair of the Democratic National Committee even threw in a message that claims “Republicans… play games… Democrats are delivering.”

Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) shot back with a fiery message that criticized Biden’s “pro family” promises as a workaround method for creating an “anti-work welfare check,” that will bring in more than $6,000 to households with no working adults over a six month period. Rubio warned that America has already seen the consequences of government spending paired with a crippled workforce, and that Biden’s extended child payments will continue to create as many or more problems than it attempts to solve. He finished by stating that Biden’s spending plan “is anti-work, and… certainly isn’t pro-family.”

Rubio warned the public back in June that Biden’s Child Tax Credit plan was very reminiscent of a similar plan that then-Senator Biden opposed under former President Clinton which attempted to erect a broad welfare system that failed. Rubio said that Clinton’s plan failed then because of bipartisan agreement that welfare should encourage marriage and work, not dependency.

Author: Clint Olson