Democrats Slip — Admit Voting Machines Are ‘Compromised’

On Monday, Maricopa County, the focus of much national attention for the election audit they held, announced that they would be replacing all of the voting machines that were subjected to the Republican-led audit, due to alleged concerns that the Republicans who checked the machines for fraud were “not certified” and therefore Democrat officials now claim that the machines could be “compromised.”

The statement from the county told their voters to “rest assured” that the voting equipment in use could never be allowed if it did not assure “free and fair elections.”

Democratic Secretary of State for Arizona, Kate Hobbs, issued a letter to Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors last month, expressing concerns related to election equipment which was subpoenaed by the state.

Hobbs wrote that she had “grave concerns” about the voting machines because the “chain of custody… has been compromised,” adding that nobody knows “what was done to the machines… under Cyber Ninjas’ control.”

Hobbs claim is that the lapse in custody of an election official means that the “voting systems and components… should not be reused in… elections.” In other words, she’s concerned that the Republicans have hacked the machines to vote in their favor.

The concern raises a question though, how can anyone know that the machines were trustworthy in the first place? How can the public trust the Democrat election officials of Maricopa County to not have tampered with the machines themselves? The “grave concerns” of Hobbs actually betray what she knows about how easily the voting machines can be hacked.

As a result of the letter, and with official endorsement from Maricopa County Attorney Joseph LaRue, the county will not use the audited equipment any longer.

The county turned over several Dominion Voting Systems brand machines in addition to 2 million ballots as part of the presidential election audit.

The state senate gave control of the machines to Cyber Ninjas, a private firm which oversaw the audit process. Doug Logan, Cyber Ninja’s CEO, claims based on his own knowledge that the 2020 election was stolen.

Author: Dallas Weber