Democrats Plot To Destroy America — GOP Senator Makes Them Regret It

Senator John Kennedy offered his thoughts to the national debate on gun control policy, following renewed national interest in the subject following two deadly shootings in Colorado and Georgia.

Kennedy said that some people “abuse America’s freedoms,” but that is “the [price] we pay for that freedom.” He added that “Freedom is risk.” and explained that in order to “stop the killings,” actions need to be taken to “stop the killers.”

He said that the Democrats plans for dismantling the Second amendment was akin to stopping “drunk drivers by getting rid of all sober drivers.” He said that there was sufficient gun control, and what America needs is “more idiot control.”

Kennedy pointed out that we already have a background check system to prevent people with known mental issues or violent tendencies from purchasing firearms.

In fewer than 24 hours after the Colorado shooting incident, President Biden was calling on Congress to pass gun control laws. He said “I don’t need to wait another minute… to take common sense steps”, adding that he believes its possible to “ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines.”

Author: Timothy Woodard

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