Democrats Pledge Allegiance To Middle-East Terrorists, See How…

As the Taliban carry out door to door searches for Afghanis that cooperated with the U.S., as well as Christians and ‘eligible’ young women, U.S. Democrats are messaging that American conservatives are just as dangerous as the terrorist group, maybe even worse.

CBS’s Stephen Colbert, fresh from Obama’s massive birthday party at Martha’s Vineyard, asked why U.S. soldiers should be involved “fighting radicals… in Afghanistan?” when there are already “our own on Capitol Hill.”

Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore said on Twitter last week that the Jan. 6 rioters are “our Taliban,” adding that “everybody’s got a Taliban.”

Dean Obeidallah, a MSNBC columnist compared right wing abortion laws (less restrictive than many in European countries) to the misogynistic treatment of women by the Taliban.

Obeidallah mocked Republicans for raising concerns about women’s treatment under the Taliban, saying that the same conservative voices also demand that women “carry the fetus of [a] rapist to term.”

Joy Reid, another member from MSNBC also compared America’s conservatives to the Taliban. She insisted that conservatives want to turn the U.S. into a “real-life Handmaid’s Tale” whereby women are banned from the workplace and kept exclusively to the tasks of child rearing.

The Washington Post even joined in, offering a defense of Twitter’s policy choice to outright ban former President Trump from the website while allowing the Taliban to continue organizing and tweeting. They claimed that Trump used “hate speech… incit[ed] violence” for years but defended the Taliban as “by and large, does not.” Sounds like the Taliban are the new ‘mostly peaceful’ darling of the left.

The claim is ridiculous as Taliban forces sweep through the country executing civilians with ties to the government, women who held positions of work or power, former police or detained soldiers, etc, as reported by Human Rights Watch. Taliban claim that they are simply seeking out “traitors” to exact justice upon them, but the definition of “traitor” is very broad and ‘justice’ is always an execution without trial.

Taliban fighters also broke up a pro-liberty protest in Jalalabad earlier this week, killing at least one demonstrator and injuring several others for displaying the flag of the former Afghanistan government.

It’s truly disturbing that America’s leftists’ cant distinguish between the ‘faith, family, country’ message of the political right and the barbaric and destructive violence committed by the Taliban this week.

Author: Holly Benson