Democrats Name Religious Freedom As Their Next Target

Democrat Representative Jared Huffman of California is accusing the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops of weaponizing religion for political aims for voting to draft a rule which would rebuke pro-abortion Catholic politicians. Huffman suggests punishing the church in kind by removing their tax-exempt status.

Huffman said on Twitter that a “rebuke” pro-choice Democrats warrants a “rebuke” of the church’s tax exempt status.

Huffman’s tweet came in response to a public statement from 60 Catholic House Democrats who warned the USCCB against what they claim is “weaponizing” the Eucharist. On Friday, the USCCB voted in overwhelming favor for the drafting of a new rule which would publicly rebuke pro-abortion Catholic politicians like President Joe Biden, and remove their privilege to receive Holy Communion.

According to Catholic rulebook, officially the Code of Canon Law, members who remain steadfast in “manifest grave sin” are not allowed to partake of the “Holy Communion.”

The statement from House Democrats reads that the members “seek the Church’s guidance” but also believe in “the primacy of conscience.” They added that they recognize “the Church’s role in. . . moral leadership,” but say that they “accept” that “tension” that arises when they disagree with their own church.

The Democrats claim that “no political party” perfectly follows “all aspects of Church doctrine,” and that this is reflective of “the secular nature” of politics, and is not representative of the “devotion” held by elected officials. The statement continues by saying that separation of church and state is a guiding principle which helps them “inform our public duties” while “best serv[ing] our constituents.” Given that the Sacrament of Holy Communion is a key aspect of practicing Catholics’ lives, they consider the “weaponization of the Eucharist” against a single political party due to concerns for women’s welfare to be “contradictory.”

Huffman, who is a co-chair on the Congressional Freethought Caucus along with Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) is a staunchly anti-religious figure who has been a very outspoken opponent of religious-governmental influence.

In December, Huffman and Raskin offered the Biden administration a 28-page document which was drafted by the “Secular Democrats of America PAC” demanding a repeal of the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The document also recommended the removal of all religious displays from government property, and a “crackdown” on megachurches which they claim are nonprofits acting like businesses.

Author: Misty Pittman