Democrats Melt Down After Ted Cruz Obliterates Their 2022 Plans

In the middle of the night, Wednesday morning at 3:30 a.m., Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tried to slip through the For The People Act.

The bill is a massive election overhaul bill that rescinds the rights of states and counties to manage their own elections and grants that power to the federal government, as well as revoking all voter ID laws.

But watchful Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) didn’t let the Democrats get away with it. Following a 15 hour session of amendment votes regarding the Democrats partisan $3.5 trillion budget resolution, the controversial election law was brought up by Schumer.

In order to stop the quasi-legal maneuver, only one objection was required. Fortunately, Cruz was there to rescue democracy from the clutches of the radical progressives. In a 15-minute exchange, Cruz torpedoed Schumer’s disgraceful effort to force the bill through the Senate.

Cruz slammed Democrats for their attempt at “a massive power grab,” and called out how the bill does just the opposite that it’s title suggests, rather than being ‘for the people’ the bill “disenfranchise[s] millions of Americans,” and erodes election integrity by striking down voter ID, which he noted is “widely supported” by the American public.

Cruz was also able to block multiple other partisan bills related to gerrymandering and campaign finance. Cruz even shot back at Schumer with his own bill that would remove the federal limit on campaign contributions, to which Schumer objected.

Dozens of Texas state lawmakers from the Democrat party made a trip to Washington D.C. last month attempting to block election reform efforts in their state. While there, the rogue group called on Congress to force through the For The People Act.

Schumer’s failure regarding the bill is also a sound defeat for the Texas Democrats, who will now be forced to pass election fidelity laws in their own state.

Texas Rep. Ron Reynolds, a Democrat holdout who still cowers in D.C. was hopeful at first as their fleebagger stunt brought “a national spotlight” to their issue, but was fuming with wroth after Cruz shot down the For The People Act in Senate. He angrily declared that “the assault on our democracy” is at a critical moment before making renewed calls for “federal legislation, now.”

Author: Glenn Fletcher