Democrats Make Their Disregard For Human Suffering Known

America’s top progressives sat silent on Sunday as Cubans rallied in the streets to protest the oppressive communist dictatorship.

Videos circulated online as thousands of Cubans marched in the streets, protesting over the intolerable conditions of impoverishment, starvation, and poor medical care as well as a total lack of freedom and liberty under the controlling far-left regime.

Cubans in the streets chanted for “Freedom,” and “Liberty,” while waving an American flag. The communist dictatorship was quick to react, cracking down on protestors with violence and shutting down the island’s internet and cellular networks to prevent the spread of information.

While the incident has caused a flurry of support on the right, top leftists remain silent as they witness the seeming fall of yet another failed attempt at socialism / communism. Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who have been described in the past as the new face of the Democrat Party, sit quietly with sealed lips.

Sanders has a history of praising murderous regimes and communist dictators, to include Cuba. Sanders’ political opponents pointed out previously how the Senator admired Castro for standing up “against the ugly rich people.” Sanders also gave support to the Cuban “value system” in 1989 when he was the mayor of Burlington.

Responding to credible reports of the Cuban government committing human rights violations, Sanders “mocked” the information, calling the reports fabrications made up by Republicans. This is despite the widely reported instances of abuse, including leftist-sympathy issues such as sending homosexuals to forced labor camps.

Sanders little helper, Ocasio-Cortez, endorsed the Senator in his presidential bid in 2020 when he ran (and lost) for the second time. While Sanders ran on campaign, AOC expressed a cult-like loyalty and obsession with Sanders, claiming that before she had “heard of” Sanders that she failed to recognizer her own “inherent value as a human.”

As of now, America’s director of Human Rights, Jose Miguel Vivanco says that reports of 20 arrests have taken place so far with communist forces using violence against protestors as has been verified by leaked videos on social media.

Vivanco sees the protests as a result of the untenable living situation of Cubans, as they face “lack of freedoms… COVID… [poor] economic conditions… [lacking] access to electricity” and matters of that ilk.

The Cuban government is attempting to stem the flow of information out of the country by shutting down internet and cellular services. Kentik, a United States based network company, reports that there are currently countrywide internet outages.

Author: Jennie Lloyd