Democrats Lose It As SCOTUS Joins The ‘Gun Fight’

After waiting for years for the Supreme Court to accept another Second Amendment case, we finally have another. The New York State Pistol & Rifle Association v. Corlett, began after the city imposed heavy laws which prohibited gun owners from carrying their weapons outside of the home, even for transport to the gun range.

The case was rejected as moot last year, when New York City lifted their restriction in response to the suit, fearing a SCOTUS ruling. However, it appears that the case is moving forward yet again in what is expected to be a landmark decision on what Americans’ firearm rights are outside of the home.

The hearing is expected to address the issue of whether or not the government can disallow citizens to carry guns outside of their own homes for self-defense. Additionally, the ruling will examine whether “may-issue” states have any legal grounds for rejecting concealed carry applications.

This ruling will affect a much larger body of the American public now that 8 million new gun owners were added to the ranks last year, with most citing self-defense as the primary reason for their purchase.

Author: Craig Abernathy

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