Democrats’ Latest Move May Be Final Straw For America

America’s largest cities are disintegrating under the failure of Democrats far-left policy failures. Of the 15 most populous cities in the country, only one is led by a Republican.

Democrat’s relentless adherence to a radical progressive agenda has left America’s cities broken, with mass emigration, failing schools, an epidemic of drug abuse, and soaring crime rates.

Democrat run cities are the perfect test case for liberal policies, and they are failing the public in their charge in increasingly worse ways year after year.

Exacerbating the problem is the Left’s recent war against the police. Agencies report that they can’t find new recruits for the force, and are bleeding membership with 5,300 police quitting law enforcement outright in the past year.

As a result, criminals are running rampant, with shootings and violent crime reaching record highs in urban zones. These violent criminals are also getting away without consequence. The government is focusing it’s efforts on prosecuting participants from the Jan. 6 Capitol incident rather than pursuing the thousands of violent BLM and Antifa ‘protestors’ that burn cities with regularity.

The insistence upon viewing every problem in the country through the lens of race and privilege is unraveling the fabric of our nation, and the Democrats are solely to blame.

In cities like Minneapolis and Portland, mayors have altogether given up trying to control the mob, simply ceding control of their cities to leftists radicals. These “autonomous zones” are gulags of terror for any unlucky resident who happens to find themselves trapped inside.

The only hope America has is for voters in these hellholes to recognize who’s truly responsible for their needless endangerment and impoverishment, and vote Democratic politicians out. If they don’t we will only continue to see the fruits of left wing politics, poverty, violence, misery, and total failure.

Author: Mason Fullbright

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