Democrats Just Found The Ultimate Loophole To Silence Their Rivals

Reportedly, the Biden administration is working with the Department of Homeland Security and private firms to ratchet down on free speech in America. The report claims that because the government is legally restricted in their ability to infiltrate and monitor online activity, they want to bring in private companies to bridge the gap.

CNN reports that the purpose of the new government-proxy surveillance is to monitor “extremist chatter by Americans online.” The report claims that the goal of the partnership is to allow DHS to “circumvent” laws which restrict the governments ability to perform warrantless searches.

CNN explains that the private firms would “act as middlemen” in obtaining domestic intelligence. The stated goal of the surveillance is not to “target specific individuals” but to compile “broad summaries. . . of narratives” that are present on certain websites.

The report explains that gathering warrantless information on US Citizens “raises instant constitutional and legal challenges.”

Representatives from both sides of the political spectrum were quick to condemn the idea, particularly those who work in intelligence.

Former CIA officer and Democrat, Bryan Dean Wright posted the following on Twitter.

Former chief of staff for the Trump administration, Mark Meadows also spoke out on Twitter.

Author: Nathan Lee

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