Democrats In Hysterics As Trump’s New Platform Takes Off

Republicans and those who value their freedom of speech are ecstatic as Trump’s brand-new social media platform, “Truth Social” starts hitting the cyberspace “shelves” this week. The app will make its way into the Apple app store later this week, and will make the alternative tech more accessible to a widespread audience, as Trump does his best to challenge the very sites that tried to silence him and keep him from spreading his message.

The App Store says that the Truth Social app should be available for people to start downloading on Monday, but the CEO of Truth Social, Devin Nunes, says the app itself may not be fully functional until sometime into next month.

Mr. Nunes said while interviewing on Fox News, “This week, we’ll begin to roll out people on the Apple App Store. That’s going to be awesome because we’re going to get so many more people that are going to be on the platform. Sunday Morning Futures. And then our goal is — and I think we’re going to hit it — I think by the end of March, we’re going to be fully operational, at least within the United States.”

Nunes is a former Republican Congressman from California, and many of his colleagues that still remain in the House are using the soon-to-be formal launch of the platform as a tool for fundraising efforts that the House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, and Whip Scalise are organizing.

Nunes says his goal is to give people their voices back in the online world. Trump is still barred from various popular social mediate websites, including Twitter and Facebook.

The platform is actually already available to use by some users. Nunes says it was inspiring to see people that have been outcasts on other platforms flocking to the new platform, especially people whose voices have been canceled.

Author: Timothy Leishman