Democrats Humiliated After Pelosi Throws a Temper Tantrum On The House Floor

Just when you thought Democrats couldn’t get any more childlike and ridiculous, Nancy Pelosi has to go and do a thing like this. Pelosi, a Democrat from California and Speaker of the House, went absolutely berserk at a congressional member who let out a laugh during her speech to the floor. But everyone couldn’t help but laugh at Pelosi. Her claim was so ridiculous, it could make anyone start rolling on the floor laughing. Pelosi tried to say that Biden’s Trillion-dollar proposal for spending would actually reduce the debt somehow, not add to it. Democrat math must be the new stuff they’re teaching in schools.

Pelosi addressed the House of Representatives during her speech, boasting about all the ways Biden’s Build Back Better was going to benefit the country as a whole. She said it’s likely to become one of the most important undertakings of legislation that any one of them could be a part of.

The bill is under negotiation in the Senate. If passed, it would greatly expand the social safety net, while also focusing heavily on climate change and policies that progressive support. It was originally supposed to be a $3.5 trillion bill that had a huge list of democrat wishes, like: free college, Medicaid and Medicare expansion, paid family leave and many others. Democrats were made to compromise on their wish-list though, as democrats that were more moderate in nature refused to back the bill. Just like Senator Joe Manchin, who is concerned about the effect the bill would have on the economy.

Democrats cut the bill to $1.75 trillion, but Pelosi still claims that it will be a bigger deal than the Obama-enacted Affordable Care Act.

Pelosi says the Democrat ‘miracle agenda’ will help working-class families, generate jobs, create tax cuts for the middle class, lower costs for American families while forcing wealthy Americans to pay their share, and will somehow reduce the ballooning national debt.

After saying this, someone in the House let out a giant guffaw, and Pelosi didn’t take it well. She then threw a tantrum about how Republicans cut taxes for the rich and hurt the rest of the country. Yeah, okay, Pelosi. You keep living in fantasy land. Let us know if you ever come back down to reality.

Author: William Morgan