Democrats Get The “Justice” They Crave — But It Won’t Save America

One of the most important cases of the decade just came to a close. Jurors found Derek Chauvin, a former police officer on the Minneapolis police force, guilty on all charges in relation to George Floyd’s death. This was one of the most watched cases in recent history, and all of America was following it closely.

Chauvin’s charges include second-degree murder, murder in the third degree and second-degree manslaughter. This was one of the most watched cases in recent history, and all of America waited with baited breath to hear the verdict.

Chauvin’s bale was revoked immediately, and he was transported directly to the prison, hands behind his back. Outside the court house things looked more like a celebration than the scene of a murder trial. Honking horns and cheers could be heard throughout the entire courthouse.

Sentencing won’t happen for two months, but Chauvin could be facing decades in prison.

The jury deliberated for 10 and a half hours before coming to their decision, with the entire city anxiously waiting for them to reach their verdict. Everyone across the nation knew that a not-guilty verdict would mean even more chaos and unrest in America.

The trial was so contested, in fact, they had to pump in thousands of police officers and National Guard soldiers to keep the peace. Businesses boarded their windows in preparation for the coming riots.

George Floyd died in May of 2020 after Chauvin place his knee on Floyd’s neck for nearly ten minutes, as Floyd, who was handcuffed at the time, repeatedly claimed he couldn’t breathe.

Floyd’s arrest took place after he used fake money to purchase cigarettes at a local convenience store. Floyd’s death incited nationwide protests, vandalism and violence.

Americans can now only hope that this conviction will bring some sort of peace to an already-divided nation, and calm some of the unrest.

Author: Bradley Bowles

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