Democrats Fawn As Hillary Clinton Takes a Trip To La-La Land

Defeated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton got very emotional recently as she read a portion from her planned 2016 victory speech.

Clinton, giving a talk on ‘the power of resilience,’ faced one of her “most public defeats” by reading aloud some of the speech that she “hoped to deliver… had I won the 2016 election.”

Clinton said that she hadn’t shared the speech with anyone, nor read it aloud, but offered it as a vison of “the kind of country… I want for my grandchildren… for the world.”

In the speech, Clinton speaks about how the U.S. is strong, and applauds the “unity” and “decency” of the American public for choosing her over former President Donald Trump.

Clinton said that part of her speech also would have addressed the fact that she would have been the first female president. Her claim, apparently, was that her electoral victory would have forever changed the “face” of American democracy.

Her speech involved responding to “little boys and girls” who don’t understand how a woman has never been president before. She called her hypothetical victory a win for “all Americans” by proving that “there are no ceilings” for women in politics.

In the video, Clinton becomes very emotional as she remembers her mother who passed in 2011, and grew up under hardship.

Clinton recalled how her mother was orphaned at the age of 8, abandoned by her parents, and sent off to California on a train to work as a housemaid. She said that she wishes she could have comforted her mother then and told her about how fulfilling her life would become.

Clinton’s Masterclass, of which the segment was a teaser, will be released Sunday. It is accompanied by clips from Former President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush will also have featured lessons on decision-making.

Author: Chester Cain