Democrats Enraged As Fauci Flips On COVID Origins

On May 11, Dr. Anthony Fauci made a 180-degree spin by claiming that he is no longer “convinced” that the coronavirus developed naturally, instead saying that the origins of COVID-19 warrant investigation.

During an interview with a PolitiFact reporter, he was asked whether or not he was “confident” in the idea that “it developed naturally?” Repsonding, Fauci said “No, actually. . . I’m not convinced about that.”

Teetering on the fence, he continued by saying that the many “people who’ve investigated it” continue to insist that the likely source is from an “animal reservoir” which then spread to people. But he says that the origin “could’ve been something else. . . we need to find that out.” He followed up by expressing support for further probes and investigation into the virus’s origin.

Back in May of 2020, he was asked about the possibility of the virus originating in a Chinese lab, to which he responded that the scientific consensus was that it evolved and originated from bats and couldn’t possibly be “artificially or deliberately manipulated.”

The Washington Examiner reported that Fauci once laughed at the notion that COVID-19 could have originated in a Chinese lab.

Most recently, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) pressed Fauci for an answer in front of the Senate on Tuesday, asking if he would publicly affirm that the virus could not have been released from a laboratory.

Paul’s question was pointed, suggesting that the Wuhan lab received funding from the NIH to perform “gain of function research” which tests pathogens potential to be maximally deadly or transmissible.

Fauci gave a hedged response, saying that he’s in favor of continued investigation into the virus’s origin but citing the NIH and NIAD as having “categorically” opposed funding for research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Author: Arlene Russell

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