Democrats Did Something Horrid on Independence Day

Never missing an opportunity to besmirch and disparage the United States, several left-wing political figures decided that the Fourth of July was a chance to accuse America of never-ending racism.

Democrat Representative Cori Bush spoke out on Twitter, claiming that the freedom celebrated on July 4th is only for “White people,” adding that America is “stolen land,” and claiming that Black American’s “still aren’t free.”

Other progressive’s agreed with her, such as congressional candidate Shahid Buttar who claimed that Americans are “brainwashed to ignore our history” with “congratulatory rhetoric,” adding that the “worst elements” of American history continue to this day.

Former MSNBC anchor Toure took things even farther, stating “F–k Independence Day,” and adding an a-historical line that claimed that the Colonies only sought independence in order to preserve slavery as Britain moved away from it. The claim is completely false, as Britain wouldn’t cease slavery for almost another 50 years. The activist also shared a link to his own opinion piece which claims that the only independence day that counts is Juneteenth.

Actress Alyssa Milano also decided to attack America on the Fourth of July with a TikTok video, featuring herself reading an anti-American book that claims that America is racist to the core and built upon oppression of colored people.

News organizations also joined in on the Leftist anti-America party, with NPR declaring that the Declaration of Independence is filled with “deeply ingrained hypocrisies.”

The Washington Post, almost as if in competition to be the most ‘woke’ voice on ‘slam-America’ day published a multitude of hyper-critical pieces that promote political partisanship.

Lastly, the New York Times issued an opinion piece on Independence day that claims the American flag to be a symbol of divisiveness. The article states that proudly displaying the flag on a vehicle or in one’s lawn is an indicator of “a person’s political affiliation,” in the context of “a deeply divided nation,” meaning that the American flag no longer represents the Left.

All I can say is that the promise of life, liberty, and happiness, the symbol of true American exceptionalism fought for by American warriors and patriots over the country’s 245 years still represents all who live in America. America has not abandoned the Left, the Left has abandoned America.

Author: Lois Clarke