Democrats Desperately Want This Narrative-Flipping Story Censored

Autumn is here and the summer has died off, temperatures have started to recede in the Southern states, bringing more people outside into the open air rather than sitting together in air-conditioned spaces. With the change in season, the COVID-19 infection rate in Florida plummeted so rapidly that it reached the third-fastest drop in the last two weeks, trailing just behind Alabama and Hawaii.

The New York Times chart most recently published Florida’s case rate at a per-capita rate of 100,000 at 13, sitting just behind Connecticut and Hawaii which sit at 11 per 100,000.

Florida’s 14-day average dropped by a staggering 48% with Alabama taking the lead at a 61% decline. It’s worth noting that northern states are experiencing just the opposite, with cases in Colorado, Vermont, Michigan and Minnesota increasing by 32%, 27%, 26%, and 22% respectively.

On the first day of the month, Click Orlando reported that Florida was experiencing it’s 5th week in a row of declining case count, sitting at 5,396 cases per day at that time. On the same day, the Associated Press issued a warning that northern states might expect a “winter wave” with the coming cold weather.

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis pointed out in July that COVID case counts could reliably be predicted with a “seasonal pattern,” after successfully predicting a low case count in the month of May. He also noted that it was predictable that the months of June and July would have higher figures “because that’s what happened last year.”

DeSantis added that since vaccines don’t contribute to herd immunity, it’s likely that case counts will rise amongst northern states as summer closes and winter sets in. Summer cases in the south, winter cases in the north, it’s that simple.

Not depending on dubious vaccines, DeSantis announced late last month that his office had independently secured additional needed doses of antibody treatments to save the lives of Floridians. His actions were in direct opposition to the Biden administration’s attempted control of antibody supply, where Biden sought to underdeliver the lifesaving treatments to Republican led states.

Author: Andy Briggs