Democrats Demand Public Data On Every Gun In America

An LA Times columnist who previously wrote a freak-out piece about her Trump-supporting neighbor who helpfully shoveled her driveway is now suggesting that real estate listings should supply information about gun ownership in the surrounding area.

Virginia Heffernan made headlines last February for writing a column which likened Trump supporters to Nazis and Hezbollah. The basis of her outrageous piece was misplaced anger directed at her conservative neighbor who was trying to be a good Samaritan by plowing the snow in her driveway for her. She spitefully commented that “loving your neighbor” isn’t easy when your neighborhood isn’t “full of people just like you.”

The writer received an appropriately nasty backlash for her blatantly intolerant article, which asked the question of what is to be done with the “Trumpites around us?”

Now she’s made a return, arguing that home buyers should be able to identify how far away the nearest “assault rifle” is because in her words, no neighborhood is a “great place. . . where even one person” owns “an assault rifle.”

She also argues that real estate listings need to include data on the prevalence of gun-ownership within a 50-mile radius, as well as data on the “annual mass shootings in the region.” She added that guns need to be imposed upon with a “meaningful tax” to account for gun violence.

She declared that the time has come to redefine “what a ‘bad neighborhood’ is.”

Heffernan apparently forgot about the time that this was tried in the past. In 2012, the Atlantic wrote about the outcome of an interactive map that showed were every gun in New York Counties could be located. Residents were obviously infuriated and discomforted for being doxxed over owning a weapon for their own protection, now potentially being targeted since their guns were registered.

Heffernan dismissed the plight of these individuals, saying that it’s “not doxing,” rather it’s just everyday justified “data on gun ownership per capita,” without making any comment about the obvious invasion of privacy which the local paper undertook.

While the radical leftist columnist hopes to doxx every American who exercises 2nd Amendment rights, it’s still unclear how her idea would help anyone define whether a neighborhood was “good,” or “bad,” because the Justice Department reported recently in 2019 that 90% of all guns used in criminal activity were obtained illegally in the first place.

Author: Jeremy Collier