Democrats’ ‘Defund The Police’ Movement Comes Back To Bite Them

America’s big cities are falling apart as murder and violent crime rates skyrocket following the Democrats “defund the police” movement, and it’s looking like it’s about to bite them right where they deserve it come the 2022 midterm elections.

New York City, a well known Democrat stronghold held a primary election for mayor on Tuesday, and while the results won’t be released for several weeks, the currently presumed frontrunner is a former NYPD Captain, Eric Adams, who made the issue of funding and supporting the police a main component of his platform.

Democrats are slowly realizing that incidents such as this are no coincidence.

Adams spoke to New York Magazine in a recent interview, and spelled out the consequences of defunding the police. He pointed out that obviously, you no longer have cops stationed “on your corner. . . no longer in your lobby,” adding other places where cops are routinely expected and needed. Adams says that there’s never been a time when people wished there were less police at an event.

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last May caused a massive pushback against police departments all over America. Instantly, Leftist cities like New York and Los Angeles initiated efforts to reduce their police forces and cut budgets.

At the time, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey claimed that there would be support for a “massive. . . transformational” reform, but stopped short of outright dissolving the police department. However, more radical members of the Left, such as Representative Ilhan Omar did suggest as much, publicly stating that the Minneapolis police department should be abolished.

But Democrats are about to reap what they have sown, with the midterm election looming, it doesn’t look good for blue colored cities to be suffering from so much wanton crime. Who wants to elect leadership that leaves you helpless and vulnerable?

Recently, top Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi and President Biden have sought to distance themselves from the movement, seeing the now obviously bad association.

The Democrats are absolutely facing an uphill battle this 2022 election season. Polls and reports from multiple news and polling outlets reveal that only about 20% of Americans have sympathy for the “defund the police” movement, with the majority of Americans preferring safe streets and neighborhoods.

Author: Sandra Stone