Democrats Commit The Ultimate Power Grab, 51st State Now Official

Democrat leaders are reporting a predicted pass on their bill to create another state of the union, and end the filibuster.

Nancy Pelosi and other fellow lawmakers held a news conference at the capitol yesterday about how “great” things would be if the District of Columbia was granted statehood and become the 51st state in America.

The House is set to vote on the legislation today, and the bill is expected to pass because near all Democrats, if not all of them, are in support of the new law. Additionally, Biden himself has shown his support of the new legislation.

The biggest hurdle democrats will have to cross, however, is the Senate, which currently houses a 50-50 split. If the filibuster remains in place, it will be nearly impossible for Democrats to accomplish this radical agenda, but if the filibuster is on the way out, like Democrats expect, this new law will likely go through.

Democrats have framed the D.C. statehood as an issue of civil rights, to protect those who have been ‘disenfranchised’ in the past. But Republicans can see right through their plans. This is really just a good old-fashioned power grab. Democrats hope to shift the power in the Senate by pumping in two new senators from a leftist stronghold.

If the legislation passes, D.C. would officially be the 51st state and its name would be “Washington, Douglass Commonwealth.” It would hold the namesake of Frederick Douglass, an African American social reformer. It would be 66 square miles, purposefully excluding the Capitol, White House and SCOTUS.

Author: Wendy Hardin

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