Democrats’ Case Against Trump Fails Miserably

You really got to hand it to Democrats. The country could be struggling. Our economy might be in shambles. We could be hit with countless crises. And war could be breaking in Europe. But regardless, they are going to spend their precious time and resources going after Trump. The man hasn’t been in office for 13 months! Yet petty Democrats continue their campaigns against him.

Pelosi still pushes her bogus “J6” commission, convinced she’ll finally find dirt to condemn Trump. But as they fail in D.C., a group of prosecutors in New York have been conducting an investigation into Trump’s businesses. They have made wild claims, with little evidence to back it up. But their “guilty until proven innocent” strategy could be blowing up, as their top prosecutors drop out.

Two prosecutors in charge of the Manhattan District Attorney’s probe into former President Donald Trump and his business suddenly resigned Wednesday, putting the case’s future in doubt.

Prosecutors Carey R. Dunne and Mark F. Pomerantz resigned after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg “indicated to them that he had doubts about moving forward with a case against Mr. Trump,” according to The New York Times.

It is unclear why Bragg pulled back on the case. However, Pomerantz and Dunne had not presented evidence in the case to a grand jury in a month, sources told the outlet. [Source: Just the News]

Trump’s lawyer is already declaring victory, saying an announcement about the case is sure to follow. Speculation is, Pomerantz and Dunne left the case after it became clear there was no strong evidence against Trump.

This entire investigation was a shame from the start. The people conducting it are all entrenched Democrats, who are being motivated by politics. Pomerantz, for his part, used to work in a law firm that also employed Robert Schumer, Democrat Sen. Chuch Schumer’s brother.

The original district attorney leading the case had simply wanted to find evidence against Trump. They hyped up conjecture and rumors, hoping to slander the 45th president. They knew nothing they’d throw at him would stick. Yet this was another attempt to discredit the man because they fear he’ll run again in 2024.

How pathetic do you have to be to spend so much time worrying about Trump? Clearly, Democrats fear their prospects for the next presidential race, if they are trying so hard to knock Trump out. I guess they are looking at the same polls as we are, that have Trump leading his closest GOP rival by 20 points. And with Biden failing left and right, they must think their only hope of winning is by keeping him out of the race.

But something tells me they are going to be very disappointed.