Democrats Call Out Harris For The Failure She Is

All during the 2020 campaign, reports were swirling that President Joe Biden, already 78, would probably only serve one term, this is in spite of claims made by Biden in December of 2019 when he declared that he had no “plans on [just] one term.” In 2024, Biden will be 82 years old, and given the clear state of his mental health, it’s unlikely that he’ll realistically be running again.

This leaves the Democrats next-best shot, Vice President Kamala Harris in the hot seat, at a mere 56 years old, she’s well poised to be the frontrunner of the Democratic Party’s 2024 nomination. But there’s a great deal of discontent within the Democrat party over Harris, with some claiming that she’s a weak candidate who wouldn’t be able to beat former President Trump should he choose to run.

Axios reported that “many Democrats… current senior administration officials,” suspect that Harris would lose to “whomever the Republican party” nominates, including Donald Trump.

One of Axios’ “Democratic operative[s]” told the outlet that the tenor in the Democratic party is “she’s f***ing up,… she shouldn’t be the heir apparent.” Democrats close to White House affairs are also increasingly concerned about Harris’s failure to manage high-profile issues as well as her complete political tone-deafness. Democrats also don’t trust her to maintain the Democratic coalition that Biden brought to the White House.

Harris has been repeatedly criticized for her abdication of responsibility when it comes to the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border, even after being declared Border Czar by President Biden.

For over 3 months, Harris refused to see the border in-person, instead traveling to Central American countries such as Guatemala and Mexico in search of “root-causes” of increased border activity. When asked about why she hadn’t gone to the border to assess the situation and speak to officials on the ground, she repeatedly laughed off, redirected, or dismissed questions from reporters and news anchors.

Harris’s office also received national attention recently when Politico dropped a bombshell report that highlighted the nearly two-dozen current and former aides of the Vice President’s office who cite routine abuse and dysfunction.

Harris can’t even keep her own office in order, how could she possibly run the country?

Author: Vanessa Fletcher