Democrats Authorize Border Security Funding — But It’s Not What You Think

A new pair of spending plans were unveiled by Democrats on Tuesday, proving that Washington has no intention of addressing the U.S.-Mexico border crisis that’s ravaging America while at the same time they are hoping to hand out money to help border security for foreign countries.

Democrat lawmakers introduced a Department of Defense funding bill to the House Appropriations Committee that would use $870 million of taxpayers’ dollars to fund border security for Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, and Tunisia while leaving their own southern states out to dry.

While completely willing to spend almost a billion dollars to enhance foreign countries border security, Washington Democrats somehow didn’t feel it necessary to invest any money in finishing construction of the southern border wall, even in the wake of the worst migrant situation seen in over 20 years as illegal and criminal migrants flood through the border while facing little resistance from overwhelmed border agents.

In fact, worse than appropriating funding to the wall which American border security would be saved by, House Democrats proposed a budget plan that strips away an existing $2 billion set aside for wall construction, bringing federal funding for the border wall to absolute zero.

The vindictive move is part of the Democrats dismantling of every good policy that could be traced back to Trump, denying him any credit should they ever choose to resolve the border crisis.

Southern states face major gaps in the existing partial border barrier, with large regions open to migrant activity and through-traffic in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. The result is heavy strain on the communities living near the border as well as local law enforcement and Border Patrol agents who can’t keep up with the flood of illegal migrant activity.

The Democrats bill does allow for some funding of “responsible investments” such as migrant processing facilities, funding for caregivers of migrant children and continued funding for “Civil Immigration Enforcement Operations.”

The budget plan only allows for a meager $100 million for use by the Department of the Interior to purchase land and maintain border barriers should they choose.

Author: Ralph Stanley